Who unto Rassilon's Tower would go must choose -- Above, Between, Below

This is the Tomb of Rassilon -- where Rassilon himself lies in eternal sleep. Anyone who has got this far has passed many dangers and shown great courage and determination. To lose is to win -- and he who wins shall lose.


09/07/2010 ~ 9:43PM
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I am known as:
Lisa Moulton, Lisa Fagan, Lisa, Lee, Lis, giggles, gigs, gigs_83, gibbles, giglet, giglette, squiggles, Alien Lisa, AL, Real Lisa, RL, Lady Jane, dumbass, gigggles (and the like), Kevin's favorite nerd (I wish ^^), the Lisa, Sarah's favorite [insert Sarah's favorite word here], Jason's strange bird, Mrs. Edward Moulton, wife of Corporal Edward Moulton of the United States Marine Corps., Chuck's buddy, It

Current Age:

June 30, 1983

Current Residence:
West Orange, NJ

Kindergarten through 6th grade at Schuyler School; 7th through 8th grade at Queen of Peace Elementary School; home school for 4 years; college graduate with an Associates Degree in Applied Sciences from Berkeley College; currently working on a degree in Veterinary Assistance through Penn Foster Career School

Current Job:
Sims Metal Management

Marital Status:
Happily married as of March 14th, 2006

Favorite of the Layout:
Real Life Guy -- Corporal Edward Moulton (of the US Marine Corps.)
Actor-Type Guy -- Mark Hamill
Movie -- Return of the Jedi
TV Show -- Doctor Who
Play -- Phantom of the Opera
Video Game -- NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Anime -- Pokémon, Chobits, Haibane-Renmei and Sailor Moon
DVD -- Doctor Who: The Five Doctors 25th Anniversary Edition
CD -- Rivers Rutherford: Just Another Coaster
Artists -- Ashley Venable, Andrea Brooks, Kristyn Armour, Nikki Jeske, Julie Crowley, Ashley Wilson, Kimi-chan
Writers -- Kristen Sheley and Flaming Trails
Dance Partner(s) -- Ed, Bill, Jay, Kevin, John Wayne, Jason
Dance(s) -- Sidekick, El Paso, Electric Cowboy, New York, Sex on the Beach, CC Shuffle, Dangerous Liaisons, Got to Be Funky, Cowboy Boogie, Watermelon Crawl, Copperhead Road
Real Life Animal -- Horse
Fantasy Animal -- Unicorn
Wuff -- Janus Sininensusi
Cowboy -- Kevin Hilton
Cowboy-In-Training -- Jason
Mini-Cowboy -- Kolten Hilton
Sicilian Cowboy -- Giovanni
Redneck -- Sarah
Pain in the Ass -- Bob
Horse -- Shada, Diego and Cuatro
Dog -- Dachshund (Itchie)
Souvenir -- Diego's shoe
Gift -- Lasso
Layer --
Carhartt Vest


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