Lisa Moulton (gigs_83) wrote,
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This Journal is Friends Only!

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I hope I'm not too late!
You're already on my Friends List. No worries.

Please add me fellow Whovian! I just friended you because my journal is locked!


Added you back.
Hello Sweetie,
I would love to be your friend, its always cool to meet fellow Who fans,
Have a great day,
Amber Song
Fine with me if you don't mind general chaos, baby pictures, horses and Mary Sue fics.
Sounds good to me :)
Willing to take on another friend from New Jersey?
Sure. I enjoy your customers_suck stories. I was actually wondering how you fared through the storm.

I added you back.
I'm actually going to be heading past your way next Friday night - I cover high school football and I have a game to work at Granatell Stadium in Ramsey.